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Supporting a
Sustainable Career Choice

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We believe...

Supporting a
Sustainable Career Choice

We believe...


that early years professionals should have access to quality benefit programs that supports child care as a sustainable career choice. These programs need to recognize the value of our early years educators and provide a long term incentive to those who provide quality care to our children.

Canadian Child Care
Employee Benefits Program

                                  The Canadian Child Care Benefits Program offers enhanced benefits that are are designed to support child care child centers attract and retain quality early years professionals.




(included for free)

  • Retirement Savings Plan

  • Retirement Income Options

  • Best in Class Benefits

  • Lifestyle Benefits

  • Premium Disability Coverage

  • Professional Development

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  • Over 80 online courses

  • Responsible Adult Program (BC)

  • Certificates of Completion

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Employee Benefits Liability Coverage

  • Responsible Adult Program (free)

  • Preferred pricing on liability coverage (property, abuse)

To learn more about this program exclusively for Early Years Professionals:

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