Making Book Reading A Time For Interaction and Conversation

Author: The Hanen Centre

2 ECE Hours

Learning Continuum: Foundation

Research has shown that adding opportunities for interaction and conversation during book reading can foster critical emergent literacy skills in infants and preschoolers. But how do parents and professionals do this effectively?  This e-Seminar introduces Hanen’s concrete strategies for promoting developmentally appropriate emergent literacy skills during shared book reading.

Emerging Communication: The Base for Relationships and Learning

Author: The Dominion Learning Institute

1 ECE Hours

Learning Continuum: Foundation

Communication is very likely both the most important and the most complex set of skills a child will ever develop. These skills develop naturally in the first three years of life, if the child has the neurological and physical capabilities and is developing in a language-rich environment. Many factors impact the development of communication and language.

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