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Emotional Well-Being

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Professional Self-Regulation (Ontario)
Author: Jan Blaxall, MASc.
1 ECE Hour

In 2007, the profession of Early Childhood Education reached a milestone event in Canada when the Ontario government legislated Early Childhood Educators as a self-regulated profession. The College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) is the first professional self-regulatory college for early childhood educators in Canada. This module explores what it means to be a regulated profession, for the public, for the profession and for the individual Early Childhood Educator practicing in Ontario.

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Foundations of ECE Practice
Contributed by the Canadian Child Care Federation
Author: Jan Blaxall, MASc.

1 ECE Hour

Early Childhood Education is a young profession. ECE has had the wonderful privilege and enormous social responsibility of being able to define its own principles, expertise, practice and obligations based on a variety of sources, unlike more traditional professions such as education and health care which build from centuries of tradition and research.  Along with other early childhood educators, teachers, special needs and family support professionals, ECE’s have a common dedication. This module gives an overview of the essential elements of ECE practice.

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