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Infant Toddler

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Quality in Infant Toddler Care
Author: Jan Blaxall, MASc.
1 ECE Hour

The Ten Essential Elements of Quality Infant-Toddler Programs are designed to promote high-quality caregiving in all infant-toddler programs, whether the setting is a home, classroom or center. They represent a holistic approach (to caregiving) that is based on cutting-edge research and best practices. The goal is for infant-toddler programs to support positive developmental trajectories for all children, including those children who are particularly vulnerable due to stress, poverty or other adverse early experiences.

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Supporting Self-Regulation in Infant and Toddlers
Author: Jan Blaxall, MASc,
1 ECE Hour

This module explores two of the five areas where young children need to develop self-regulation strategies as identified by Canadian expert, Dr. Stuart Shanker. Explore the skills and challenges for children in aspects of  biological (temperament and physiology) and emotional regulation. 

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Reflective Practice in Infant Toddler Settings
Author: Sue Martin
6 ECE Hours

We are offering a progressive series of 4 modules that will get you started and support you in enhancing practice and quality in your settings. The format for the modules is self-study, meaning that there is material for you to read and questions and issues for you to think about and answer a diversity of questions, both practical and "big picture".  Many downloadable activities are provided to guide your reflections.

Module 1  Infants and Toddlers – Reflecting on and Improving Practice

Module 2  Infants and Toddlers – Practice and Research-Based Approaches

​Module 3  Infants and Toddlers - Contexts for Reflection

​Module 4  Infants and Toddlers –Philosophies and Values in Practice

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