Supporting Children Experiencing Anxiety

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Children, as well as adults, experience anxiety. In fact, anxiety in children should be expected at specific times during development and is usually regarded as normal. For example, a child sometimes experiences higher levels of anxiety the first time she attends school or child care. Children experiencing excessive anxiety may not yet have the ability to vocalize their feelings or possess the necessary coping skills to manage. As a result, dealing with their fears and anxiety may be even more difficult.

The Benefits Plan includes Professional Development, Food Safe Certification, Responsible Adult Program and an  ECE Assistance Plan.

More than just a traditional 

group benefits plan....


As the owner / director of a child care center, you are responsible for getting the best value out of your budget.


The Canadian Child Care Benefits Plan includes features that make it truly unique. In addition to online professional development, this plan includes several other features that are designed to ensure your business is competitive.